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If you are looking to book a London hotel, we have put together a unique HotelMap™ with our friends at This map actually connects to each hotel's reservation system showing you live availability to ensure that you always get the best special offer deals. The prices shown on HotelMap™ are per room and you will always pay the hotel directly, usually on check-out.

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View our HotelMap™ with special offers and live availability for hotels in Central London.
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Important: When booking by phone please quote special offer code M9B4Y
About HotelMap™
Intuitive interface
HotelMap™ is very easy to use and provides the simplest way to find the perfect place to stay in Central London, but if you want to stay elsewhere in town, it shows you hundreds of accommodation options throughout Greater London.
Direct connectivity
HotelMap™ is unique in that it connects directly to each hotel's own reservation system, providing real time access to every available room in the hotel and not just an allocation of rooms. Bookings are made instantly with the hotels reservation system so no more worrying about whether the hotel know your coming.
Wide range of accommodation
HotelMap™ features all types of hotels - from 3 star through to 5 star, including bed and breakfasts, apartments, and even hostels.
Lowest prices guaranteed and unique special offers
HotelMap™, provides you with instant access to the largest discounts and lowest rates in the market - guaranteed and includes exclusive special offers including free gifts with each hotel booking.
Pay the hotel direct
HotelMap™ does not take one penny from you. All payments are made directly to the accommodation operator, usually at check-out.
17 years experience
HotelMap™ is a service provided by; the number one Internet site for London. The HotelMap team have been providing London hotel booking services and visitor support for the past 17 years. Based in the centre of London in Covent Garden, the team are available to assist you seven days a week.