Charles Darwin House is proud to be green. A key aim of the development of the facilities was to achieve a high environmental standard for the building, and as a result Charles Darwin House has been awarded a BREEAM Excellent standard.

Key features of Charles Darwin House and the refurbishment project that contributed to the BREEAM Excellent standard include:

  • The waste management procedure results in 90% of waste being segregated, and either recycled or returned to the supplier for re-use.
  • The building’s design team used finishes with a low environmental impact, and low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VCOs).
  • The energy efficiency of the building’s fabric and services is improved to reduce CO2 emissions. This includes the use of a 100% renewal energy supply, cavity wall insulation and an environmentally friendly choice of the heating/cooling system.
  • The central location provides excellent public transport facilities which include easy access to local buses, trains and underground as well as national and international train services.
  • Staff are encouraged to cycle to work through the provision of secure, covered bike racks, changing facilities and showers.
  • Water wastage is reduced by the use of low water use fittings, water meters and a leak detection system.
  • Use of Fair-trade and locally sourced products for all our catering purposes.